Being a mother of five herself - four boys and a girl, the First Lady Bolormaa is a passionate advocate for children’s rights and wellbeing of Mongolian families.
After her graduation from the Ukraine State University in Lvov in 1988 majoring in geochemistry, Mrs.Bolormaa worked as a mineralogical engineer at the Central Geological Laboratory of Mongolia for almost a decade until she established “Ankh-Erdene” private mineralogical research laboratory. The lab has aimed to contribute to the country’s growing need of mineralogical research and studies as Mongolia discovered more and more mineral assets, and has been successfully undertaking geochemical analyses for minerals prospectors, explorers and miners.

While working with minerals assets of Mongolia, the First Lady always nurtured in her mind ideas to help Mongolia develop healthy and happy human assets. She sees Mongolia’s future not in minerals but in humans, in prosperous and competitive children who are ought to grow into warm-hearted capable adults. In 2007 she was able to translate into reality her long cherished dream to help Mongolian children, deprived of parental care and love – she established “Bolor” charity fund.

“Bolor” charity fund exists to offer the children, mentally, physically and financially challenged, the very care, the love, the help, and of course, the heart they were deprived by misfortune. The modest resources of the fund have been used for intellectual and physical development of the children. She has also been opening bank savings account for the needed children. The First Lady has been working in close cooperation with Children’s Care Centers. The fund organizes regular medical check-ups for the children and arranges for medical treatment when necessary. It also holds training courses and extracurricular activities to develop and foster various artistic talents and intellectual gifts of the children.

The Elbegdorj family is a home to a several dozens of orphan children. The children are no orphans any longer. The couple believes that love and education are the only virtues which are multiplied by division.  First Lady Bolormaa and President Elbegdorj celebrate the birthdays, hold joyous kids parties for New Year and other festive holidays in their huge family. They build and fix playgrounds for their children, attend school parties and grade graduation ceremonies and do many other things just like any family does, any parents do.

First Lady Bolormaa has the happiest hobby in the world – spending time with her family. She reads for her children, hikes with them, cooks for them, and of course, finds genuine human happiness and rejuvenating energy in the eyes of her many foster children, cared, loved and proud citizens of Mongolia.

Healthy children, and eventually a happy nation, is born to healthy parents. Therefore, addressing one of the serious women’s health problems in Mongolia – cancer - in March 2010, the First Lady launched a charity “Hope” – Cancer-Free-Mongolia National Foundation.

The Foundation aspires to shoulder efforts and  initiatives to prevent cancer, early detect and treat, and to help the people be better informed and educated about the ways to prevent and control this calamity.