President Battulga was born in Ulaanbaatar city in 1963, becoming the second child in family of Khaltmaa and his wife Doljinsuren. He was graduated from the 34th primary school of Ulaanbaatar and the School of Fine Arts.

In 1982, when he was 19, President Battulga started his working career as a painter in the Mongolia’s Artists’ Union Committee. Between 1983-1989, he was invited to the National Team of Sambo and Judo and won two Gold Medals, two Silver Medals and two Bronze Medals from the world championship competitions, raising the country’s name high to the global arena.
Since the democratic and economic transition period, President Battulga started to make his own contribution to the country’s economy and the development of private sector with other young people. President Battulga started his business career from producing children’s clothe and exporting it to Hungary, importing audio and recording equipment from Singapore to Mongolia, and founded the Genco Company in accordance with the newly approved Law on Company in 1992 and worked as the Director of the Company. Further, President Battulga worked as the Director of the Bayangol Hotel, and the Director of Makh-Impex Company, respectively, and in 2004, he was elected as the Member of the Parliament from Bayankhongor Aimag.

In 2004-2008, when President Battulga was appointed as Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Human Rights of the Parliament, he worked to include the valuable human rights issues to the important laws and regulations, and to protect rights of citizens.

In 2008, President Battulga was re-elected as Member of Parliament and was appointed as the Member of the Government, Minister of Road, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development in 2008-2012. In 2012, President Battulga was elected as Member of Parliament for the third time and was appointed as Minister of Industry and Agriculture in 2012-2014.

Khaltmaagiin Battulga is an active political and social leader. He is serving as the Chair of the Democratic Union, Member of the National Policy Committee of the Democratic Party, the President of the Mongolian Judo Federation, the President of the Federation of Mongolian Herdsmen, the President of the Mongolian United Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, the Vice President of the International Federation of Mongolists, and Head of Representatives of the Asian countries of the International Judo Federation.

President Battulga was awarded with the State Merit Athlete in 1995, Medal of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Diamond Cup in 2017, and Golden Star of the International Judo Federation in 2017, respectively.

President Battulga is well known for his patriotic effort, contribution and investment to raising Mongolia’s name high and to growing the country’s reputation on the international stage. Under his leadership as the President of the Mongolian Judo Federation, an athlete of Genco Club, Hero of Labor of Mongolia, Naidangiin Tuvshinbayar brought the first Olympic Gold Medal for the people of Mongolia. This remarkable event also brought peace and solidarity for the people after the horrific tragedy on July 1, 2008. At that time none of the political parties or leaders were able to do the same.

At the initiative, support and leadership of President Battulga, the Chinggis Khaan Equestrian Statue at the Tsonjin Boldog was created, and the number of works and projects including the New Soum Project, “Narnii Guur” the bridge construction project in Ulaanbaatar, Bogd mount’s road project, coal liquefaction factory project, and 100 thousand apartments project were successfully implement.

President Battulga paid utmost attention to the country’s big creations, blueprints and implementing mega projects. For instance, he led huge projects namely: road construction project connecting all Aimags with the capital city, blueprint of new airport in Khushigt valley, new railway project, blueprint of industrial complex in Sainshand, construction of highway project between Altanbulag-Ulaanbaatar-Zamiin-Uud, eco city Maidar project, and New Yarmag construction project. The most of these projects have been completed successfully.

As a legislator and a policy maker, Khaltmaa Borjigon Battulga initiated the state policy on heavy industry, the state policy on railway transportation, and the state policy on civil aviation, respectively and these policies were approved.

President Battulga speaks Russian and English, and served as Member of Parliament three times, and Member of Government twice.