FOR 2009-2013

The President of Mongolia, within the term of his full powers, shall pursue policies and undertake actions to ensure that at all levels of state, policies are centered on citizens, and that Mongolia evolves as a competitive country aspiring nature friendly development.

Confident that the Mongolian people do have the wisdom and knowledge, zeal and will, capacities and resources necessary to support the development of Mongolia and Mongolia’s statehood, the President of Mongolia introduces his Policy and Action Program, aimed to effectively implement his election platform, and reflective of the ideas, comments and proposals received from the public.


Presidential Election Platform Goals and Proposals from Public

Form of implementation of the Platform within the President’s full power term

One. Ensuring National Security and People’s Solidarity


Fundamental rights and benefits of the Mongolian people shall be upheld ceaselessly

1. Independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and people’s solidarity shall be undyingly safeguarded.

2. Within the full powers of the President, measures shall be undertaken necessary to ensure state and public security.

3. Projects shall be initiated to enhance information security.

4. With the view to improve legal relationship between the state and religion institutions, the Law on State and Religion Institutions Relationship shall be amended and submitted to the Parliament.


Democracy, freedom and independence shall be relentlessly safeguarded.


1.2.1 Support will be rendered to law making, law enforcement and judiciary institutions in the discharge of their legal mandate.
1.2.2. National security system of Mongolia shall be strengthened, the National Security Concepts will be renewed, and the consistency and coordination between and among the core national security institutions shall be bolstered.
1.2.3. Conditions will be created to ensure that Mongolia, while commanding small and capable professional armed forces, effectively ensures her territorial security and the security of her people, and is an active participant in international cooperation, including the United National Peace Keeping Operations.


The security of a Mongolian shall mean the security of Mongolia.

1.3.1. The security of a citizen of Mongolia shall be seen in association with the security of Mongolia. Within these premises, special attention shall be accorded to creating a safe and secure environment for citizens to live in, as well as to ensuring food and ecological security. Every phenomenon which does and may potentially cause negative effects on human health and security shall be examined, and policies and actions will be taken to eliminate such effects.
1.3.2. A study shall be undertaken to examine the factors negatively affecting the gene pool of Mongolians and necessary policies and measures shall be undertaken.
1.3.3. Step-by-step measures shall be undertaken to support the officers and workers and their families, of the Joint Staff of Mongolian Armed Forces, Mongolian Border Protection Organization, National Emergency Management Agency, General Intelligence Agency, General Police Department, Court Decisions Enforcement Agency and Internal Troops.

Two. Consolidating a Human-Centered Society Upholding Human Rights and Freedom


The President shall listen to the voices and concerns of his people.

2.1.1. A Citizen Hall, aiming at receiving public comments for the laws and public acts to be initiated by the President, shall be established, and conditions will be set to establish aimag, cities’, soum and local Halls by the model of the Citizen Hall so as to ensure civic participation in decision-making.
2.1.2. State policies and actions shall be open and transparent, and a reform policy shall be run to secure citizens’ right to information. The system to deliver to the public information and facts, not subject to state confidentiality, shall be improved.


A Mongolian citizen shall enjoy his/her rights honestly, and so shall his/her duties be performed. Creativity, pro-activeness and civic culture shall be exercised in conducting a comprehensive legal and political reform in harmony with the values of democracy and freedom.

2.2.1. Projects and programs on human rights and civil education and legal assistance shall be widely developed.


The President shall work to enable the Mongolian citizens to fully enjoy both political and economic rights and freedoms. Help and support will be rendered to everyone to be healthy and aspire education. Help will be offered in pursuing the profession in need. The State shall be made to work for its citizens. People will be freed from pressures and burdens of bureaucrats.

2.3.1. The immunity of titles and honor, private property and homes of citizens shall be guaranteed by law. Compelled self-defense, compelled defense of livestock and other private properties shall be released from criminal obligation. A Law on Property Rights shall be initiated.
2.3.2. Opportunities will be created to enable citizens to get their share of wealth, to become the real owners of wealth and to express their views and positions. Rights will be ensured to enable the citizens support their lives with their share of wealth, generate and dispose their own assets created with their share of wealth.
2.3.3. Public service benefits shall be secured and real estate soft loans to public servants shall be supported.
2.3.4. Incidences of violation of human rights by public servants shall be drastically reduced; furthermore, any practice of infringing upon human rights in public service shall be eliminated. A law will be initiated to intensify the work of the National Human Rights Commission and expand its powers.
2.3.5. Mongolia’s policy on death penalty shall be made consistent with the provisions of International Human Rights Treaties, to which Mongolia is a party.

Three. Strengthening Judiciary, Establishing Justice and Eliminating Corruption and Bureaucracy


Establishing justice shall be the first and foremost priority of the President. The legal and judiciary system free of prejudice and discrimination to the people shall be supported.

3.1.1 The laws governing the judiciary shall be made consistent with the Constitution of Mongolia and the spirits and ideals of international treaties and conventions on human rights and freedoms, to which Mongolia is a party.
3.1.2 The legal and regulatory environment will be enhanced to ensure that the judicial institutions are enabled to perform their duties to be the guarantor of justice in each and every part of Mongolia. High ethical codes shall be instituted for officers of judicial institutions, and procedures for strict adherence to the code shall be developed and enforced.


Any law shall, first of all, be dedicated to protecting a citizen, meeting people’s demand and heightening responsibility.

3.2.1. The issue of establishing a legal environment to protect a victim and a witness shall be given keen attention.
3.2.2. A legal environment will be created to secure the independence of court proceedings as well as the judges from economic, political and administrative pressures and influences, and to secure official and private independence of judges.


An environment will be created whereby cases and dispute are resolved in a manner free of any distress and complications for the people. A parochial mentality of treating a citizen like an offender or felon, and themselves - the source of law shall be obliterated.

3.3.1. Legal norms for securing public order, conducting investigations and interrogations shall be discerned, and a law will be initiated to replace the old system whereby a guilt is imposed - to an internationally established norm whereby a guilt is proven.
3.3.2 A Law will be initiated to tighten the legal obligations charged for the crime of abusing official position.


Corruption will be combated persistently. A system will be put in place whereby economic damages caused by corruption are recovered.  Officials will be made to obey laws. The incidences whereby billionaires are born from the state/government shall be exterminated.

3.4.1 An accountability system for corruption, whereby damages caused by corruption to the society, and especially economic damages are paid off, shall be legally instituted.  
3.4.2 A law will be initiated on procedures to be followed in case the private interests and benefits of a public servant contradict with his/her official duties. Conflict of interests shall be regulated by law.
3.4.3. A National Integrity Study will be conducted, and its findings publicized on a regular basis.

Four.  Strengthening Mongolia’s Foreign Relations, and Actively Cooperating With the International Community on Finding Common Solutions to Global Challenges


The President shall bridge Mongolia to the world. Mongolia will become relevant to the development and prosperity of the humankind. The President shall work to make Mongolia relevant for the development and prosperity of the humankind, an active, unique and proud participant in the cause of the international community.


4.1.1. The President shall support Mongolia’s efforts to develop balanced foreign economic relations and Mongolia’s pursuit of active participation in regional economic integration.
4.1.2. Within the framework of her multi-pillar foreign policy, Mongolia will develop active cooperation with two neighbors, third neighbors and other countries with traditional relations.
4.1.3. The President shall develop and implement initiatives to enable Mongolia to most meaningfully participate in international and regional policy-making in a multitude of areas, including in education, technology, finance, agriculture, infrastructure and trade in certain commodities.
4.1.4. Efforts will be made to enhance Mongolia’s exposure to the world, expand the rows of Mongolia supporters abroad, and increase Mongolia’s contributions to the promotion of democratic values and ideals internationally.
4.1.5. The President shall work to ensure Mongolia’s active engagement in political, economic, cultural and humanitarian affairs in North East Asia and Central Asia.
4.1.6. Initiatives will be made to address the challenges caused by global warming, and especially by climate change and desertification in North East Asia, and regional cooperation toward this direction will be supported.
4.1.7. Rights and benefits of Mongolian citizens residing abroad shall be protected, and their efforts to actively contribute to Mongolia’s development shall be supported. Mongolia will be actively advertised and promoted internationally.

Five. Ensuring Nature-Friendly Sustainable Economic Development Policy Supportive of Rural Development Efforts


The President shall support all efforts to make Mongolia a country which best preserved its pristine nature and natural heritages, a country which best protects and rehabilitates its nature and a country with best policies on nature and ecology.

5.1.1. Ecological education of children, youth and general public at large shall be enhanced.
5.1.2. Optimal management of surface and deep water resources shall be introduced, and major projects to establish water reservoirs shall be supported.
5.1.3. Keen attention will be accorded to protecting and reproducing rare animals and animals threatened by extinction. International experiences of and possibilities for establishing ecological police shall be studied and explored.


Passing pristine nature onto future generations shall become a traditional, fundamental value of the Mongol state and of each and every Mongolian.

5.2.1. A policy will be pursued to prohibit any business operations and activities in mining, agriculture and other sectors of the economy, which although economically profitable, cause negative effects on human health and safe livelihood and on natural environment.
5.2.2. Legal obligations and punishment for damages and criminal offences on nature, wildlife, flora and fauna shall be tightened, and pertinent laws enforced.


Projects and programs friendly to nature and useful for people’s livelihood will be supported.

5.3.1. Green or clean development projects and programs aiming at reducing carbon dioxide and other toxic emissions will be supported.
5.3.2. A nationwide movement of reforestation shall be initiated, and efforts to establish a National Forest Fund shall be supported.
5.3.3. Legal environment for taxation and other incentives encouraging production and use of renewable energy, friendly to nature and human living environment will be created.
5.3.4. Efforts to develop traditional livestock breeding in a nature-friendly manner shall be supported. Veterinary services shall be made consistent with international standards. Farming combined with intensified livestock-breeding shall be encouraged.
5.3.5. Attention shall be accorded to increasing the real income of herders by expanding the exports of animal-originated raw materials, especially meat and meat products.


All and any policies and actions to restrain desertification in rural areas and reduce air pollution in cities shall be broadly supported.

5.4.1. National and international projects and programs will be supported to restrain and stop desertification in rural areas.
5.4.2. Investments, projects and programs aiming at reducing air pollution in Ulaanbaatar city shall be accorded special attention.
5.4.3. Legal regulation for effective utilization, possession, management, protection and rehabilitation of pasture lands, shall be improved.


“Made in Mongolia” initiative shall be supported, markets for domestically produced goods and services shall be expanded.

5.5.1. Production and services to expand domestic industries, substitute imports and diversify the range of export commodities shall be supported.
5.5.2. Attention shall be accorded to creating the optimal structure and organization for developing domestic and international tourism.
5.5.3. Initiatives and ideas to diversify the Mongolian brand products and services shall be supported.
5.5.4. In line with supporting the healthy environment for economic competition, a legal environment will be created to prohibit carteling to inflate prices and impose them on customers, and/or any attempts to seek any preferential rights
5.5.5. Efforts to intensify banking, financial, and capital markets development including mortgage sub-sector will be supported. 


The President will support rural development. Transfer of political, economic and financial powers to local governments shall be supported. Citizens’ rights to use, dispose and monitor the use of local wealth shall be secured.

5.6.1. Projects and programs to establish Business Incubators to help translating into reality constructive business ideas, initiatives and proposals by rural citizens and communities, shall be supported.
5.6.2. Efforts to improve the system and mechanisms to protect the intellectual properties of the Mongolian citizens will be firmly supported


The President shall initiate decentralization of state functions out to rural communities – citizens, private sector and local governments, and shall persistently support policies to reduce and alleviate bureaucratic pressures and costs.

5.7.1. The President shall initiate an action to consolidate and improve laws regulating state central and local budget relations.
5.7.2. Opportunities will be created to enable local governments generate their tax revenues, plan for development and finance this development with generated incomes
5.7.3. Investments in rural areas will be supported. Soums and villages will be supported in their efforts to mobilize their advantages for their development.
5.7.4. Regardless of place of residence, a citizen of Mongolia will be enabled to equally participate in social relations and receive the necessary services without discrimination, barriers and impediments.

Six. Supporting Families and Protecting Rights and Benefits of Social Groups


Efforts to promote family development and wellbeing will be supported

6.1.1. 1 A social atmosphere intolerant to any forms of domestic violence shall be created.
6.1.2. Protection of children’s and women’s violated rights shall be a priority.
6.1.3. The role of women in the family, community and the society shall be strengthened through all means.
6.1.4. The conditions for eligibility for the Order of an Honored Mother title shall be softened and the Order premium increased.
6.1.5. Humane policies and equal and equitable social relations for citizens with development challenges shall be enforced.


Policies to care for the elderly, encourage the youth and secure their future shall be pursued.

6.2.1. A comprehensive range of policies shall be pursued to increase the pensions and benefits to pensioners, and to create the most enabling environment for the youth to pursue their intellectual and physical development.


Concerted attention shall be paid to education reform. Enhancing the competitiveness of a Mongolian citizen shall be deemed as the basis of Mongolia’s competitiveness.

6.3.1. The President shall support the youth to acquire their desired profession. As tuition is one of the key issues under education reforms, initiatives will be made to create a clear legal and financial mechanism.
6.3.2. Support will be rendered to conforming to international standards and implementing the state unified examination to establish the quality of training at all levels of education system.
6.3.3. Science-Production-Training bond shall be enhanced.
6.3.4. Any initiative, proposal, program and action to enhance Mongolia’s scientific Research and Development potentials and capacities shall be welcome and supported.


Health, education, sports, culture and arts shall be supported through fiscal policies

6.4.1. Without cutting the current fiscal expenditures on health, education, sports, culture and arts, efforts will be made to adopt national program-based government financing, seeking to enhance efficiency and performance.
6.4.2. Health sector reform shall be implemented in consistency with fiscal expenditure reform and health insurance system improvement.
6.4.3. Special attention shall be paid to supporting sportsmen and athletes’ material supply, and to duly rewarding the success and achievements of athletes, coaches and trainers, and to supporting public sports and physical training at large.
6.4.4. Efforts and initiatives to establish sports and fitness centers for youth, and to develop public sports, competitions and games to help the population relieve stress and help enjoy healthy leisure and pastime, shall be supported.


The President of Mongolia shall motivate and encourage the progressive thinking and innovative ideas of his people, and shall spare no effort to create more opportunities for development and prosperity of Mongolia.

The Policy and Action Program of the President of Mongolia is open for further enrichment and expansion, subject to the needs and realities, with initiatives, proposals and ideas of Mongolian scholars, scientists and the public.