The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division



To the participants of Mongolia Renewable Energy -2012

Dear participants,
Dear scholars and engineers,

I am glad to know that you have gathered for the Mongolia Renewable Conference-2012 in Ulaanbaatar to discuss issues related to the backbone of the Mongolian economy – energy issues, and in particular, development opportunities and gateways enabled by renewable energy. Equally valuable are your discussions and exchange of experience and know-how about a green economy model, and cooperation forms and alternatives.

Energy is the engine of economic development. Just like a life on earth is impossible without water and air, economic development, prosperity, competitiveness and value creation lack meaning and substance without energy.
Therefore, the production and supply of reliable, and especially nature-friendly, clean energy is the guarantor of our very existence, survival and sustainable development.

Mongolia is an energy heaven. In addition to our underground wealth, Mongols are born to own enormous, inexhaustible wealth above ground. The time has come to harness the endless solar, wind and thermal energy with the power of mind and knowledge of the Mongolian people, Mongolian engineers.

Renewable energy is an asset bestowed by nature, its resources are unbounded and it is nature and human friendly.

While the world’s carbon market is working fretfully to have polluters pay and the polluted compensated, “time waits for no man”, and our blue planet is dauntingly browning. The simplest, the rightest solution is just to stop polluting. How? Mongolia can offer the solution. Mongolia can produce clean, renewable energy and offer it to the world.

I ardently look forward to a day when the Mongolian Gobi becomes the hearth of the regional renewable energy production - the Gobi-Tech, a Gobi-centered powerhouse localizing global technological progress. This day is to be realized by Mongolian and foreign engineers, scholars and businessmen. Therefore, your close cooperation and partnership is instrumental in this effort.

You will encounter many difficulties and challenges on your noble cause. I am sure, you will surmount them with your inspiration and perspiration, trust and friendship.

I wish all the best in all your endeavors.

May 17 2012