The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


President Calls for Active Participation in Population and Housing Census 2010

Population and Housing Census begins in Mongolia this morning of November 11, 2010. This morning, the Khan-Uul district Census Commission members visited President Elbegdorj’s home in Ikh Tenger for counting.

President called the Mongolian people to actively participate in the census:”Mongolia has traditions of population census dating centuries back. Chinggis Khaan kept the population and livestock records kept based on formal counting. The importance of being counted in the population census is highlighted in even our idiomatic sayings and phrases. I call every citizen of Mongolia to uphold his or her civil duty and diligently participate in the census”. President also wished success to the counters in the Commission and advised to work responsibly on this important task.

This is the 10th time Mongolia is counting its population and abides by the UN recommendation to hold population census once a decade. The census shall proceed between November 11-17, preliminary report of which will be ready in 4 months, and by June 1 next year Mongolia will have the final official statistical data on population census.