The office of the President of Mongolia, Public Relations & Communications Division


Greetings of the President of Mongolia to the United Nations Statistical Commission

Emphasizing the critical importance of true and prompt information for policy and decision making an d for monitoring the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations General Assembly has declared to observe the World’s Statistics Day on October 20, 2010 under the theme “Service, Professionalism and Integrity”.

Statistics play a pivotal role in documenting and illustrating global economic and social development processes and those in individual countries, and in making decisions based on these documented realities and tendencies regardless of historical and cultural aspects.

Historical evidences and accounts prove that Mongolia has had centuries-long traditions and history of development of statistics dating back to the times of our forefathers Hunnu, who counted their livestock head and logged the data by making cuts in trees. Later, in the 13th century, the Mongols, having established their powerful empire, held population census, which formed the basis for official taxation.

The first Constitution of Mongolia legalized “any state accounting practices”, and the first Session of the Great Khural resolved to “establish and run a counting department given the extremely important nature of the census data”. Thus, on November 11, 1924, a Counting Department was established at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which became the founding cornerstone of official modern statistics. The past decades were the years of development, progress and reform in Mongolia’s official statistics.

Mongolia has maintained a kind tradition to observe Mongolia’s Statistics Day on November 11, every year, and I am pleased to note that this year, Mongolia will be marking this date together with the World’s Statistics Day nationwide. On this auspicious day I convey my hearty greetings to the global family of statisticians – statisticians in the UN Member States, UN system organizations, international and regional statistical organizations and the Mongolian statisticians as well as the users of statistical information.
The Statistical Office has been successfully carrying out its mandate to create and enhance an integrated statistical information system, compile and supply necessary information and data illustrating the country’s economic and social lives and their daily dynamics to the policy and decision makers at all levels of government, private sector and individual citizens, both Mongolian and foreign.

Since Mongolia’s transition to the market economic relations, a great deal was achieved in our statistical system – we recorded substantial success in conforming statistical methodologies and standards to international practices, introducing internationally accepted statistical practices such as census, sample surveys and observations. In the same course, Mongolian Law on Statistics was adopted. I am delighted to highlight on this historic day the many achievements Mongolian statisticians have made to ensure independence of the Statistical Office, to effectively define and pursue core operational principles, rights and duties of the statistical organization as well as of the information source, and to ensure accuracy, timeliness and reliability of information.
Information truthfulness, objectivity, timeliness and inclusiveness are of critical importance for any statistical organization. While information discipline is to be enforced under professional management of a statistical organization, observance of this discipline is to be viewed as one of the prime duties of the state, government, private sector and the civil society as the actual sources of information.

Countries have started according special care to strengthening the capacities of their national statistical organizations and to producing true and timely statistical information. Mongolia is marching in the same pace and rhythm with our international and foreign counterparts in this area, and has been making every effort to deliver products and services necessary to monitor the implementation of MDGs and to successfully conduct the population and housing census.

With the support of the UN, its system organizations, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, IMF and other multilateral and bilateral donors, Mongolia has successfully conducted such major national sample surveys as Population and Housing Survey, Livelihood Level, Reproductive Health, Employment, in accordance and conformity with common international methodologies.

Despite the fact that the Mongolian Statistical Office encounters some financial and human resources challenges, it has been making commendable efforts to ensure the independence and sovereignty of Mongolian statistical office and has evolved as a diligent, successful and publicly honored professional service.
On this truly august occasion, I convey my best wishes for your continued success in your work and happiness in your lives along with my earnest call to actively participate as diligent citizens of Mongolia in the Population and Housing Census in November this year. May Mongolia be a home to more and more people and enjoy life free from want.

May All the Best Prosper.


Ulaanbaatar City
October 20, 2010