Walter Jenkins, Maruoka Kenji receive Polar Star Order

In accordance with the decree of the President of Mongolia, citizen of the United States of America Walter Jenkins, and citizen of Japan Maruoka Kenji were awarded the Polar Star Order of Mongolia on December 13. The Polar Star Orders were presented by Mr. Z.Enkhbold, the Chief of Staff of the Office of the President.

According to the Presidential decree, the American citizen and President of Zorig Foundation in the US, Mr. Walter Jenkins is awarded the Polar Star Order in high recognition of his contribution to culture, eduction and society of Mongolia, and the Japanese citizen, Mr. Maruoka Kenji, for his invaluable contribution to Mongolian motor-road sector.

Mr. Walter Jenkins has made some MNT 700 million worth investment to the Young Leadership Program, enabling 300 young professionals of Mongolia to enjoy scholarships of the program while also promoting the Mongolia-US ties in cultural and educational exchange. In line with his support for young people in arts and culture through the Young Leadership Program, he has initiated a ballet scholarship progtam, which allowed teachers and students of the National Conservatoire of Mongolia to receive training in the US.

Mr. Maruoka Kenji has provided engineering consulting services for the side projects implemented within the frames of the Street project. His services included technical consulting for construction works of motorways, crossroad extensions and renovations, and consulting for land use on intersection of highway of River Selbe. Mr. Kenji had taken active parts in organizing workshops for unit engineers and technical employees of the Street Project, giving recommendations on enhancement of infrastructure in Ger areas, and providing technological advises on construction of motorways.

Maruoka Kenji has worked as the leader of Solar Road and Solar Bridge Projects, their project manager and specialist, and chief of feasibility study team for the Project on contruction of 250 km national motor-road connecting Erdene soum and Undurkhaan.