President addresses Ceremony for 25th anniversary of Mongolian Association of Businesswomen

President of Mongolia Khaltmaagiin Battulga attended and addressed the Ceremony for the 25th Anniversary of the Mongolian Association of Businesswomen, taking place in the Central Palace of Culture today.

The Head of State said,

“Honorable ladies from the business sector of Mongolia,

I wish you a happy 25th anniversary of inception of the Mongolian Association of Businesswomen. Twenty five years is a long time. As the leader of the Association O.Zaya said, the community expanded from 200 members to over 20 thousand, dispersed throughout nine capital districts and 21 aimags. This is a heavy load, therefore, I wish to also congratulate Ms. O.Zaya.

As women make up for over half of the country’s population, they also constitute 54.2 percent of all businesspeople in Mongolia. The business sector, which provides 70 percent of jobs in the country, is dominated by women who run 85 percent of all businesses. It is impossible to not be proud. Numbers never lie, they only reveal the truth. I have realized the majority of wealth-makers in Mongolia are women. I want to congratulate You.

I am considering the possibilities to better support you in the future.
Despite all of your hard work and dedication, it is unavoidable truth that failures in state economic policies, macroeconomic decline, high interest in business loans and duplicated tax burdens have been standing in the way of prosperity of businesses, especially small and medium enterprises.

Unlike previous leaders, I – your President come from the business sector. I have experienced ups and downs of startup business starting from small trading to major production, working as company director and employer. You have to use this opportunity,” said the head of state.

The President congratulated for the milestone anniversary once again and wished success to the businesswomen.