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Information and Knowledge are Critical for Responding and Adapting to Climate Change

The Office of the President of Mongolia has hosted at Citizens’ Hall at the Presidency the second seminar of a series of open discussions on Climate Chance and Adaptation.
At the onset, President’s Advisor on Ecology Mr. E. Zorigt introduces the objectives of the open discussions and spoke about the actions undertaken by the global community to address climate change and global warming.
Dr. R. Mijiddorj, a professor at the University of Science and Technology made a presentation on the Global Warming and Ecological Crisis in Mongolia whereas G. Sarantuya, Director of the Institute of Meteorology spoke on climate change effects in Mongolia and future actions.
The audience included professors and students of Mongolia’s environmental and ecological schools, representatives of environmental NGOs, media and a broad spectrum of researchers. The participants stressed the importance of incorporating into policy directions the ideas generated at the open discussions and of regularizing such public discourse.
Closing the seminar Advisor E. Zorigt noted:”The ultimate goal of deliberations we have at open discussions is to pursue policies which take into account climate change, and to ensure that our people are informed about the climate change and its implications for our life. President’s lecture on climate change to Mongolian students has given some solid information to our youth on this critically important issue. With information will the people be able to undertake actions to respond, to adapt to climate change and mitigate its consequences”.

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